Charter FAQ’s

  • Planning a Yacht Charter
    • How Many Guests May Come Aboard?

      A maximum of 12.

    • How Does a Private Yacht Work?

      A private yacht charter is basically renting a boat for a certain number of hours, typically 3 to 5, for you and your guests to enjoy taking a day trip on the ocean. A captain is included for safety, but you have the run of the yacht.

    • May we Bring Food and Drinks Aboard?

      Sure, bring whatever you like. The charter will include an ice chest onboard and some waters.

    • How Does a Bareboat Charter Work?

      • A bareboat charter is a vessel that is leased by the owner to another person (a “charterer”) for a period of time without a captain or crew;
      • A bareboat charter is a vessel that is considered a recreational vessel and may not be subject to Passenger Vessel inspections by the United States Coast Guard;
      • Once the charterer takes possession of the vessel, the charterer becomes entirely responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel and its passengers;
      • The owner of the vessel is generally not responsible for any collision, personal injuries, and wages for the crew
      • The charterer is responsible for the vessel’s crew, fuel, insurance, any maintenance and repairs, and any liability associated with use and possession of the vessel;
      • The charterer must have the option of selecting and paying crew and may discharge the master or any crew member without referral to the owner;
      • The owner may require general levels of proficiency for the crew that is retained based on federal statutes; and
      • Charterers and passengers are solely responsible for making sure they understand and agree to the terms of any bareboat charter agreement.

  • What to Bring
    • Music

      Yachts typically have great sound systems, and a bluetooth connection

    • Food and Drinks

      Bring whatever you wish. if this is a birthday or other celebration where a cake is served, let the Captain know so he/she can return to the harbor where the water is calmer for serving.

  • Concerns About Being on a Yacht